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Student Life OS | Lofi Aesthetic Student Dashboard | Notion Template

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Student Life OS

Student Life OS is a powerful yet aesthetic academic management system designed for college students.

Student Life OS is specially designed for college students, with a robust assignment tracker with over 30 assignment types, settings for priority status, completion feedback, as well as a tight integration with a built-in note-taking system. This is the best student helper out there.


  • Powerful Assignment Tracker: As efficient as 1-2-3, the assignment tracker features visual feedback loops and a tightly integrated note-taking system to easily manage your assignments.
  • Powerful Note-Taking System: Built-in note-taking system with smart Note Blocks for quick-add information, powerful bilateral connection to assignments so you can easily connect courses, assignments, and notes.
  • Daily Tasks / To-Do's: Navigate your day with precision using the Quick To-do feature.
  • Lofi Music Player: Powerful and specially curated music player that allows you to change the visual aesthetics as well as the music using only keyboard shortcuts.
  • Study Mode: Enter and begin focused study sessions with a built-in Study Mode, a dedicated study space with a Pomodoro Timer, and a powerful Lofi Music Player with changeable music and visuals.
  • Student Organization Management: Easily track your roles and responsibilities in your respective student orgs and extracurriculars, including sub-tasks with completion tracking.
  • Events Management: Straightforward event tracking allows you to plan ahead for future meetings, seminars, webinars, and even administrative responsibilities.


What is this template?
A student management system with built-in note-taking capabilities, a comprehensive task and event-tracking system, a robust course overview, and an aesthetic music player with a Study Mode. It is designed to be the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality, removing unnecessary widgets and images in favor of a tightly boxed system that just works.

What makes this different from other templates?
Student Life OS is uniquely designed to be aesthetic and functional, all without unnecessary clutter. The innate databases are intertwined so that your courses, notes, tasks, and events are bi-directionally related to one another, giving you maximum control.

Is it really worth the price?
Yes! I am a college student in a fast-paced course, and this system is one I have personally used to save my academic life. In fact, I initially only developed this for my own use. Investment in a truly robust system will get you far ahead!

Support, access, updates, and instructions?
You will have lifetime access to the template, lifetime updates, and lifetime support via email.

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Student Life OS

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Student Life OS | Lofi Aesthetic Student Dashboard | Notion Template

4 ratings
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