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Gamified Life OS

The Notion Featured Gamified Life OS is a game-changing productivity system that transforms your daily life into an epic quest, helping you conquer your goals with ease.

Go Zero to Hero by turning every task, habit, and goal into an EXP-earning adventure that levels you up in key Life Areas like fitness, intelligence, and mental health. Redeem your hard-earned points for real-life rewards, making progress feel truly rewarding.

Feeling Stuck?

  • Drowning in Self-Help? You've devoured countless productivity books, yet progress remains elusive. You struggle to find a system that truly clicks, leaving you frustrated and stagnant.
  • Progress in the Shadows? Are your efforts vanishing into a productivity black hole? Lack of clear tracking leaves you with no visible progress, making it hard to stay motivated.
  • Pain But No Gain? Rewarding yourself feels like a guessing game. Guilt trips and fleeting motivation leave you yearning for a sustainable system of achievement.

From Stuck to Thriving

  • Your Game, Your Rules: Gamified Life OS gives you everything you need to start your journey.
  • Visible Progress: Everything you do counts, especially in Gamified Life OS, where your actions are tracked and earn EXP. You can see development at a glance.
  • Gain, For Real: Earn for real. Redeem your points for real-life rewards.

Gamified Life OS

  • Life Areas: Gain experience and level up in important aspects of life.
  • Daily Tasks: Conquer your errands easily with a robust daily to-do list.
  • Habit Tracker: Finish the day strong with the simple and easy-to-use gamified button-based habit tracker.
  • Quests: Level up faster than ever with the unified Goals & Projects management system.
  • Skills: Learn and master any skill and enhance your skill stack.
  • Library & Journal: Track and earn EXP from reading your favorite books. Log your daily thoughts, feelings, and mood in the journal.
  • Recipes & Meal Planner: Learn and master any recipe to grow your database of meal planner options. Plan out your meals by the week.
  • Workout Tracker: Simple and easy-to-use workout tracker with exercises and equipment. Tracks weight progression.
  • Finance Goals: Set up specific financial goals and earn massive EXP when you reach your target amount.
  • Cinema: Even your leisure time matters. Track and earn EXP from every movie or TV show you watch.
  • Focus Mode: Enter a dedicated page with a music player, a Pomodoro timer, and a to-do list called Focused Tasks that reward you double the EXP.
  • Health & Medication: Add medications and multivitamins to track your daily intake.
  • Travel Planner: Plan out your trips to earn massive EXP when you go out and explore the world.
  • Vision Board: Visualize the life of your dreams in the dedicated aesthetic vision board.
  • Beautiful Themes: Gamified Life OS is customizable to the T. Choose a theme that suits your personality. (More themes in the future)
  • Dashboard Builder: Your system is yours entirely. Only keep what you need on your dashboard by using the Dashboard Builder to generate the blocks you want.
  • Marketplace: Earn real-life rewards such as 4K HD Wallpaper Packs when you spend your EXP in the in-game Marketplace



What is Gamified Life OS?
Gamified Life OS is a productivity tool created in Notion. It combines gamification with regular daily life activities such as habits, tasks, goals, reading, and even cooking, to create a uniquely effective productivity system.

Can I learn more about Gamified Life OS?
Sure! Head here: Gamified Life OS

Which theme is the best?
All of the themes simply differ aesthetically. The functions and features are all still the same. I suggest you pick a theme that suits your personality. My personal favorite is the Studio Ghibli theme.

What makes this different from other "Gamification" systems?
Gamified Life OS has always been about a good balance of gaming and practical use. I made sure that this system was the perfect mix of both. At the end of the day, we want an efficient and practical productivity tool, but something enjoyable to use.

Is this worth the price?
Consider it a worthy investment. Gamified Life OS is a powerful productivity tool that can skyrocket your progress in life. It is the system I personally use to run my life. Plus, you get over 12 dedicated Life Management Systems all designed to earn you EXP. Buying them separately could cost you more!

Do you do refunds?
Unfortunately, we do not. Due to this being a digital product, a refund wouldn't be possible. However, you may contact Kevechino for any concerns at all for help.

Support, access, updates, and instructions?
You will have lifetime access, free upgrades, and support via email. The template comes with thorough instructions on how to use and set up your system.

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Refund Policy

Due to the nature of digital products, we do not offer refunds. Instead, please do contact for any concerns, troubleshoots, or questions.

Last updated Jul 6, 2024

Gamified Life OS

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Gamified Life OS | Gamification System | Notion Featured

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