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Cupid OS | Gamified Relationship Tracker | Notion Template

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Cupid OS

Cupid OS is a groundbreaking, first-of-its-kind, gamified relationship management system. The first to integrate gamification to enhance your romantic journey. Cupid OS is designed to strengthen connection and intimacy, an archive of sincere thoughts and feelings, and a digital record of your own love story.

Cupid OS is first and foremost focused on being a simple, straightforward tool with light gamification elements to make relationship tracking fun and easy, without the hassles of maintaining an unnecessarily complicated system.


  • Date Tracking: Comprehensive EXP-earning date tracking system, allowing you and your partner to gain EXP.
  • Love Letters: Built-in EXP-earning love letter system, allowing you to gain EXP everytime you share your feelings with your loved one.
  • Wishlist: Create and share wishlists together, earn EXP when you get your partner what is on their wishlist.
  • Watchlist: Indulge in cozy movie nights or binge-watch your favorite series together, earning EXP for the one who recommended the movie or series.
  • Bucketlist: Make shared dreams a reality by tracking your couple bucketlist, earn EXP together.
  • Weekly Messages: The beautiful dashboard maintains a Weekly Messages box, allowing you to write eachother a meaningful message.
  • Pets: Includes a cute and simple pet profile for you and your partner.

Demo and Set-up Tutorial


Why Cupid OS?
Cupid OS is more than just a simple template; it's a love companion. It is a tool that enriches your relationship by sharing and tracking experiences together. It sets itself apart from other love trackers by enriching your experience with gamification and a well-thought-out feature set.

Is Cupid OS for everyone?
Absolutely! Cupid OS is designed for couples of all kinds, whether you're just starting your journey or celebrating years together, straight, or LGBTQ, Cupid OS is perfect for everyone.

Can I customize my experience?
Yes, Cupid OS offers customizable features. It is designed with a beautifully simple dashboard that allows you to modularly move everything wherever you want.

Is this worth the investment?
Considering the features as well as the magic of tracking every date and love letter, it is definitely a lovely investment for you and your partner.

Do I need to buy 2 of these?
No need! You only need to get one which both of you can share. Simply drag the template to your "Shared" workspace and invite your partner.

Support and Updates?
You'll enjoy lifetime access, updates, and support via email. Cupid OS comes with comprehensive instructions to help you make the most of your love journey.

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Cupid OS

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Cupid OS | Gamified Relationship Tracker | Notion Template

3 ratings
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